• Cruise

    Senior Software Engineer

    An American self-driving car company headquartered in San Francisco, California

  • Amazon / Twitch

    Senior Software Engineer (react)

    Twitch is a live streaming video platform owned by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon.

  • Isite Software / EMS Linq

    Distrupting the school lunch room

    Isite Software is a web, mobile & digital signage platform for over 1,000 school districts viewed by millions of students daily

    • a drag & drop interactive online calendar menu designer
    • a network of thousands of IOT devices & custom digital signage administration software & campaign designer
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    DockerVagrantAnsibleAWSMongoMysqlNodeJSPHPSymfonySilexAngular JSReactReduxWebpackBabelSocketIOPm2SupervisorGraphQLGearmanffmpegHeadless Chrome
  • Entertainment Company

    Paid membership video streaming platform

    This company, based in San Diego, produced premium video content for consumption by paid members

    • a membership signup & billing management platform
    • a video transcoding pipeline with preview thumbnails & playback heatmaps for analytics


    MysqlPHPSilexAngular JSAWS
  • Paquin Healthcare

    Healthcare supply chain experts

    Paquin provides all in one e-commerce solutions and generates new revenues for 300+ healthcare providers

    • Healthcare re-imbursement portal for Optum insurance
    • Secure encrypted messaging platform iRemedy integrated with withings scale & blood pressure monitors


  • BMV Corp

    Debt Management Experts

    BMV Corp helped consumers with debt negotiate better rates with creditors & disbursed funds on behalf of consumers

    • Wrote a RTF to HTML / HTML to RTF conversion algorithm
    • 50+ variations of legal contracts for PDF / CUPs document generation & printing system


  • Fame Fitness

    Turn-key luxury fitness management

    Fame Fitness provided a white glove experience for high rises & luxury condominiums in Miami, staffing the gyms & providing one on one personal training & massage

    • a self service booking system with credit card payments & credit system
    • a personalized health & vital tracker
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  • Vehicle Fits

    Aftermarket parts lookup tool

    I initially founded Vehicle Fits to provide a year/make/model lookup tool, it quickly expanded to a generalized fitments tool used by multiple vertical industries.

    • a dynamic schema system / custom fields engine
    • industry specific plugins like wheel & tire fitments, bolt patterns tools, bulk import tools, e tc..


  • Marinas.com

    The premier website for marine information

    • a custom Google Maps clone
    • a turn-key data ingestion system using geo-clustering
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